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About 150 children live in our children's home in Kathmandu. With your support we are able to guarantee them food and shelter, a good education and life skills. All of our children have the same opportunities. We want to give them the chance to lead an independent life in the future, no matter where they come from, what their social status, gender or religion is.

According to the United Nations, Nepal is one of the 50 least developed countries of the world. Almost every second Nepalese adult can’t read or write and 25% life below the international poverty line of 1,25 US$ per day. Such facts can only be changed by well educated, interested, open minded Nepalese who want to improve something in their country. With your support you can make an inestimable difference in the lives of the children and make it possible for them to give back to their community in the future.


You can support us in various ways. Regular or one-time donations are very much appreciated. No matter whether you choose a sponsorship, donation for a cause, regular or one-time donation the money will support us to secure the life costs of the children.


Sponsoring a child is a great chance for both of you. Due to your monthly donations you guarantee a sustainable income for our organization which makes it possible to afford the monthly costs for the school fees and life costs. A sponsorship is possible for a minimum of 30€ monthly. The entire costs for a child are about 100€ per month.


What to expect as a sponsor?

As a sponsor you make a real difference for the child you support. You guarantee them a good education and become a far distanced friend whom they love to keep in touch with regular letters.

For a start you will get an information package including some characteristics of and a personal letter from the child. Every year you receive the recent school report and a photo of 'your child'.

Several times a year a member of the organization carries letters from Germany to Nepal and vice versa. The children are always looking forward to the letters from their sponsors days in advance and everyone is really excited during the distribution. Even a short letter fills the children with joy and pride and they are usually reread many times. Those letters should be written in English, you could tell something about yourself and your family, describe an attached photo and ask many questions to learn all about the life of the children in our houses. Another cause of great joy are attached stickers or a self-drawn picture.


By taking part in the annual trip, organised by us, you can meet your child personally and get to know our organisation better. If you are in Nepal on a private trip, it’s also possible to visit the children, please just contact us ahead of time.


The life costs in Nepal are ever raising. Therefore, donations are always welcome and needed to finance the life costs, medical treatments and school fees of the children. All donations and sponsorships go to one fund which finances our work in Nepal.

Use of Donations

In the past years 99% of the money we received through sponsorships and donations went to Nepal. The costs arising in Germany such as bank, postal or print charges are met by the membership fees as far as possible, the rest is met by 1% of all donations. All the members and staff of the German organisation work voluntarily. The board of the organisation visits the project several times a year and pays for all travel costs privately. Therefore you can be sure that your donation really reaches the children in Nepal.