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Nepalese love to celebrate and therefore, Nepal is a country with many holidays! Not only the Hindu holidays are celebrated, but also the holidays of Buddhists and Tibetans.

At the children’s homes the festivities are enjoyed by the children, the caretakers and the volunteers all together.

We wish the children to grow up into tolerant, open-minded adults. Therefore, we also celebrate Christmas and Easter together with the children. Those celebrations are prepared and conducted by the volunteers to allow the children a glimpse of Christian cultures.


Dashain is the most important Hindu festival and usually takes place at the end of September or the beginning of October. It lasts almost two weeks, which also means holidays for the children. Generally, Dashain is about the fight between the good and the bad and most importantly the final success of the good over the bad.

At the beginning of the festivities swings are set up everywhere. While you are leaving the earth on the swing it’s said that all negative energies will be lost and replaced by motivative, positive spirits. What a great opportunity!

Below are some pictures of Dashain as it was celebrated during the past years.


Tihar, also known as the festival of lights, starts about 4 weeks after Dashain. Just like Dashain, it’s a Hindu festival and lasts several days. Every day another animal or deity is celebrated, finalising in “bhai Tikka”, the day of the brothers. That day is a big festival, with every sister giving a Tikka to her brother. Every year during the celebration, it’s great to see how this tradition is uphold at the house, but as everybody at the house is just like a huge family, everybody without a sibling nearby, got their Tikka from another boy or girl, the volunteers included.

Tihar is also a time when guests are welcome and family and friends are to be visited. According to that there is often a big celebration at the house, where the children perform different dances, songs, plays,… to quiet a big group of visitors.


Holi, the festival of colours. Again, the success of the good over the bad is celebrated and therefore everybody throws with colour powder and waterbombs at each other. It’s great fun and an occasion you will definitely remember!

You want to know the exact date of the different holidays? Just check our Event calendar!


As already said we aim to teach the children openness towards other cultures. Christmas is usually prepared by the volunteers and during the past years, often small presents, like knitted socks, for all the children, some cookies and obviously the Christmas story were part of a great celebration.



Just like Christmas, Easter is conducted by the volunteers, but celebrated with everybody who belongs to our children’s homes. Especially the Easter egg hunt is an occasion the children look forward to!