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The children's homes

The old and the new house

The Home of Hope runs two different houses in Kathmandu, which lie very close together in the district 'Dhapasi', northern of the city centre. The 'old house' is home to all children in class eight and older, the younger children live in the 'new house' since April 2016. The children are living in family like structures in both houses. They are taken care of by a Nepalese family, additional employees and volunteers, to make this possible. The children are subsidised until they complete their school education but also beyond to enable them to go through a vocational training or an academic study.

The old Dhapasi house
The old house
The new Dhapasi house
The new house

The volunteers take care of the children during the study times, they help with homework, exam preparations and especially with learning the English language.

Additionally, it's the volunteers responsibility to organise free time activities for the children. Especially during the holidays, the volunteers are making use of their interests and talents. Those can be sports, singing, dancing, performing a theatre, drawing or whatever they love. Those talents are used in order to teach and entertain the children. During the past years many different workshops were realised, games played or different sights in the area visited.

Everyday life, going to school

Everyday life

What does the routine of the children look like?



For our organization it's really important to celebrate the different Hindu festivals but also Christmas and Easter together with all the children.

Saturdays and Holidays

Saturdays and Holidays

Time to play or relax! Usually, many free time activities are organised by the volunteers.

The House Management

The two houses are managed by a Nepali family.

The Didis

 “Didi” means “older sister” and that’s what you call pretty much every woman, older than you, in Nepal. At the houses, the didis are employees who take care of the household. A lot of their time is occupied by washing the laundry for all 150 children by hand with cold water, in Nepal a washing machine is a far distant dream. But most important are the didis the ones who cook the Dal Bhat for the children and the volunteers, making it the best in all of Nepal!


Apartment boys and Apartment girls

As soon as the children finish their school education they move out and into two different apartments rented by the Home of Hope. They are very close to the houses but the boys and girls have to live independently with only a little financial support from the organisation while they finish their education with a university course or an apprenticeship.